Social Learning Principals

Reciprocal causation

The idea that there is a complex relationship b/w a person’s behavior, environment, and internal processes that control how we learn.

Modeling and imitation

The idea that people learn by observing others (models) and by mimicking their behavior.


One’s belief that they can successfully execute a certain behavior

Self Efficacy can influence ones choice of activities, quality of preformance, and persistence to finish difficult tasks.


A non absolute system that we develop through both direct and vicarious reinforcement that helps us to construct our own ideas about what is appropriate or inappropriate behavior in our society.

Involves Setting Standards and Goals, Self Observation, Self Judgment and Self Reaction.

Social nature of learning

The idea that learning is a social event. Where we learn by observing others behaviors and the consequences of their behaviors to construct our own ideas about which behaviors we decide are socially acceptable.