Instruction design and social Learning


Reciprocal Teaching:

  • An interactive group activity that occurs as a discussion between teachers and students. The discussion is structured by 4 key strategies.

1. Asking Questions

2. Clarifying Meaning

3. Summarizing

4. Predicting

  • Initially Teachers will lead the discussion, but will eventually let the Students take over and ask each other the same questions that the teacher has modeled.

Cooperative Learning:

  • Students work in small groups to achieve a common goal.
  • Teacher will select the groups to make them more productive generally containing both high and low achievers.
  • Students are given clear guidelines on how to behave.
  • Group members depend on one another for success.
  • Structure is provided to encourage and promote productive learning behavior.
  • Teachers monitor the groups to make sure they are being productive, but do not actively participate in the activity.
  • Students are held individually accountable for their achievement and are rewarded for group success.